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Mobile Technology, Activism, and Art

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Last week I took part in a week-long workshop, entitled “Mobile Technology, Activism, and Art”, led by Barcelona-based artist Alberto Tognazzi. During these five days we held discussions regarding the opportunities created by the current state of mobile technology from a content creator and consumer standpoint; we explored trends related to the future of mobile devices; and we collaborated on a project that leveraged mobile technology to capture the an intimate relationships that musicians share with their cities.

Over the next couple of days I will share more about these various aspects of the workshop. Today I will focus my attention on our discussion regarding the future of mobile technology. To kick-off and inspire our conversation Alberto shared with us the presentation below, which provides a “collaborative outlook” about mobile technology in 2020 and was compiled by Rudy de Waele.

There is so much content covered in these slides and our conversation that I will limit my sharing to a short list of interesting directions for the future of mobile:

  • mobile healthcare sensing, monitoring and delivery solutions
  • backlash against always on culture
  • mobile advertising and brand experiences
  • internet of things and augmented reality
  • interactive mobile entertainment experiences
  • data management and privacy considerations
  • evolution of perspective on digital media copyright