LED Organ [simple analog electronics project]

Recently I’ve gotten interested in playing around with, and learning about analog electronics. This is an outgrowth of my existing passion for physical computing prototyping using the Arduino platform. So I did some research on the Make:Project website and found a few simple projects to kick-off my exploration.

For a long time I’ve had a passion for both music and lights, so I decided to start out my exploration of analog circuits with a simple LED organ project that provides me with a new way to link these phenomena. The project that served as my inspiration is called Wearable LED Organ, though my version was just built on a regular breadboard and is therefore not really wearable. Here is a short video of my breadboard prototype, please ignore the Arduino in the background because it is not connected to the circuit.

Now that I have this project under my belt, I want to take it to the next level. My plan is to create two new versions of this project: (1) I want to create a smaller version of this project that goes towards the wearable side of things, but that is more wearable than the original project featured on the Make site; (2) I want to also create a larger version of this project that incorporates band pass filters so that I can have different sets of leds responding to different frequencies.

Here is a video of a project, also from the Make site, that does something similar to what I have in mind for the large LED Organ. Another thing that I like about this video tutorial is that Collin Cuningham is about as fanatically organized with his soldered breadboard as I am. I just love it. Go Collin!

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