Firestand [diy laptop stand]

Space is a luxury in my small apartment, and even more so on my overcrowded work table. I created Firestand to hold my 13” MacBook Pro on top of my M-Audio FireWire 610 audio interface. It has helped me reclaim over 67 square inches of space on my desk (and, yes this is an accurate calculation of my space savings).

I decided not to purchase a laptop stand because the ones that I like are either too expensive, or their design does not accomodate my audio interface underneath the laptop. I also happen to have 12″ x 24″ piece of plexi lying around my apartment.

This is a DIY project that can be recreated using a laser cutter. All you need is a 12” x 24” piece of plexi (1/4“ thick), acrylic cement, and a few hours of spare time. Production files are available in illustrator, svg, and dwg formats. Here is a link to the files and instructions on thingiverse.

Here is a slide show with some photos of my first prototype (which will probably be my only one).

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