Self-Tracking Project

For my Laboratory of Self midterm I have decided to leverage the data capturing framework from my existing bio-tracking project: MoodyJulio. Here is an overview of this new project:

Name: Music Makes Me Feel (Still Under Consideration)

Question That Drives the Project:
How does the genre of the music in my daily playlist impact my emotions throughout the day? I want to understand how listening to music impacts my emotions in the short-term (while I am listening to it) and long-term (for the rest of the day).

To prepare for the experiment I need to: (1) create five different one and a half hour long playlists, each featuring a different genre of music; (2) fix the heart rate and gsr tracker that I created for my MoodyJulio project; (3) re-activate the mymoods journal from the MoodyJulio project; (4) update mymoods journal entry template to meet the requirements of this study.

During the study I will do the following activities everyday: (1) wear the heart rate and gsr tracker from the time after I get out of the shower through the end of the day; (2) listen to that day’s select playlist twice (three hours total) before dinner time; (3) keep a journal that is updated every time I listen to music, or randomly every 40-80 minutes whenever the MoodyJulio tracker vibrates.

Data Collection Strategy:
I plan to use two methods of data collection, similar to the methodology used in my MoodyJulio project: (1) Physiological data collection will focus on heart rate, gsr, timestamp; (2) Journal entries will include emotional valence (positive/negative scale from 5 to -5), emotion description (from categories), activity (from categories), location (from categories, people (names of people is less than 5), description (optional)

Data Analysis Strategy:
To analyze the data in search of insights I plan to use the data visualization framework that I have been creating for MoodyJulio (I will post more information about this framework in the next couple of days. I am happy to report that I have recently made a lot of progress on this front.

Timeframe: from this Sunday/Monday through the midterm.

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