MoodyJULIO: Still Moody

Though this is a post about my final project presentation, MoodyJULIO is in no way finished. Last week I shared with class an update regarding the current state of my project MoodyJULIO. I have plans to continue working on this project through next semester and over the winter break (I have been making some good progress with my code over the past week).

Unfortunately, over the last two weeks of the semester I suffered several setbacks in this project. First, one of my LiPo batteries exploded while it was being charged – since then I have refused to use my LiPo chargers for fear of any additional fireworks. Secondly, I’m swimming in a sea of data and I have encountered a lot of issues uploading all of my data into a database. This is in large part due to my lack of experience working with databases and string parsing.

Though I have not been able to glean insights from my data yet, I have encountered a few questions regarding emotions and our investigation of them. First, to what extent are we responsible for our own emotions? How do our language and culture impact our experience of emotions? And lastly, to be or not to be a cyborg? To what extent do we want to embrace this type of augmentation (where are the limits).

Without further the delay here are the slides from my final presentation.

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  2. Dan says:

    Hi Julio- I saw a video of your QS presentation. nice work. Have you seen moodscope? The creator also presented to a QS meeting, which was videotaped.

    For processing time series data, I’d recommend something like iPython over mysql (or excel). It’s similar to matlab, but open source and based on the python computing language.

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