Finger Paint Mandala: Tracking Touches

Earlier today I finally got to play around with capturing touch input using my new DSI (Diffuse Screen Illumination) multitouch set-up. I was happy that after two weeks of hard work building and assembling this multitouch display, today it was finally ready for the proverbial spin. Here is a video of the touch input being captured by the IR camera.

My first test of the day failed because the LCD monitor still had reflective filters that kept the IR light from shinning through to the camera. This problem was easily resolved and then I proceeded to carrying out my tests. My current focus is to play around with a different video tracking applications to find the best one for my project.

Today I decided to test ReacTIVision and CCV (Core Community Vision). Overall the CCV application was the easiest to use. It still took me a good 30 to 40 minutes of playing around with the settings before I was finally able to get my touches to show up properly.  In comparison, I was not able to get good finger touch readings on the ReacTIVision application.

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