Dole Refuses to Share Information for Life Cycle Analysis

After trying to get additional information from Dole about many aspects of its process for growing and processing lettuce I finally received a response, though it was a rebuff. Before I share with you the response I received, let me go over a a few things that I found interesting about this interaction:

  • In order to contact Dole’s CSR office I had to reach out to their European offices. It seems that in the United States Dole does not have ¬†CSR officer yet. I think this reflects all that we have read so far in class about environmental consciousness being much more prevalent in Europe, and how companies treat their customers different in these continents.
  • Dole was not willing to answer a single one of my questions, though some of them are clearly not sensitive or proprietary. I think this shows the general corporate fear of sharing information with consumers (rather ironic since this is supposed to help build trust).

Without further ado, here is my email along with the reply received from Dole:

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Dole’s Reply

Dole's Response

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